What Gillian Wright’s clients are saying…

“Paul Burton, General Manager, IMI Precision Engineering, Manchester: “The training that Gillian provided for us has been fantastic and perfectly suited the needs of the team. Having worked with Gillian before, I was confident that the combination of course content and Gillian’s wealth of experience would help develop the emerging talent within our business. The mixture of classroom based learning, practical tasks and individuals reporting back to the group on their experiences worked really well. I can already see examples of the team using the training in their day to day life and I am very pleased with the results that Gillian has delivered. “
Paul Burton

General Manager, IMI Precision Engineering

“Gill is a very astute Coach, very quickly gaining an understanding of what makes us ’tick’ and how to help each individual make progress. She is a pleasure to work with and highly regarded by myself and all of my team. But don’t let that fool you! Gill can and will be challenging and direct, as needed, to maintain focus and help individuals to perform.

Everyone in Smoking Gun PR has developed professionally, there is greater understanding and empathy in our team; resulting in a positive impact on the whole organisational growth.”

Rick Guttridge

Managing Director, Smoking Gun PR

“I have been attending one to one business and leadership coaching sessions with Gill for over 2 years. We started with putting together a Business Growth Plan, a Sales & Marketing Plan and an organisational structure.  After a few sessions, it became clear to Gill that I had personal circumstances to organise and deal with that, when completed, would give me optimum focus on my business goals.   Gill has caused me to empower myself by being able to balance my personal and business life which has brought about increased growth and profitability…. and less stress!  She is a very understanding coach; she stands with you, is very sharp and a pleasure to work with.”
Monique Towner

Managing Director, SheQ Improvement Solutions Limited

“After completing 2 training courses, Gill has contributed significantly to my growth as a Manager.  Gill has taken me well and truly out of my comfort zone, but in doing that, I have now become a more focused, successful, results-led Manager, who continues to grow with the support and advice Gill gives.”

Laura Ormerod

Quality Manager, Rectella International, Burnley

“Before receiving coaching from Gill I was struggling to gain the skills and self-confidence to progress my career. I knew where I wanted to be but no idea of how to get there. Having attended a free seminar, then enrolled on Mentor Corporate Coaching’s (Gill’s previous company) Personal Excellence and Results Centred Leadership Programmes.  The courses and coaching exceeded all my expectations, with changes made following the course being long-lasting.  I became General Manager of our company earlier this year. Gill’s years of experience and skill coupled with her personal attributes of high emotional intelligence, empathy and compassion provide the perfect balance to help reach your full potential in both your professional and personal life.”

Laura Middlebrook

General Manager, J.T.Middlebrook

“I have been a ‘student’ of Gill for a long time – she has been coaching me for over 10 years! I would highly recommend her if you want to make progress in your job, career, business, personally.“

Tony Nugent

Managing Director, Anthony K Associates, Vehicle procurement, Manchester

“Over the last two years, I have been involved with coaching from Gill for various projects. Without a doubt, the biggest benefit  has been Gill’s consistently empowering coaching and her natural ability to hone in on any mental blocks that were stopping me from making my vision happen.  And whilst her business acumen is as sharp as it gets, as a business coach, it is her empathy for a person and her ability to read between the lines that helped me to achieve the goals I had set.”

Elpi Pamiadaki

Blogger and Businessperson

“I have worked with Gillian for more than 2 years and the training has been beneficial to my role and the business, but the follow up support has been second to none. Training is great but putting things into practise and using the tools provided requires support and this is what Gillian specialises in.”

Chris Saunders

UK Technical Manager, Markem-Imaje

“Mentor Corporate Coaching (which Gillian was MD of before setting up an independent coaching consultancy) is different to other companies in their field insofar as they show a genuine interest in the people they are coaching and also spend time understanding the organisation they are working for. This combination provides trust for the employee and allows Mentor to coach knowing not only what the employee needs, but also the business expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend Gillian to other organisations looking to improve individuals and company performance.“

Martin Bailey

UK General Manager, Markem-Imaje

“Gill is very compassionate and understanding but now that I am in the right frame of mind Gill is being assertive with me to concentrate on what I need to achieve with my business. With her guidance and coaching, I have been able to internally promote a member of my team, developed the management skills needed to make this new role work, giving me more time to concentrate on strategic business areas. I have signed up for another 12 months of coaching sessions and I am looking forward to developing my business, I know that Gill will keep me on the right track for achieving this.”

Monique Towner

Managing Director, SheQ Improvement Solutions Limited

“It’s over three years since I started working with Gillian when she was MD of Mentor Corporate Coaching. I was invited to one of their breakfast seminars and it was well worth attending as it made me think about things differently. I have over the last three years attended several Mentor seminars/courses and workshops and I truly attribute my professional development to attending these course. Gillian is a fantastic mentor and is always available with supportive advice when required. If you are looking to develop yourself, your staff or grow your business speak to Gillian – she will help you to break down the barriers that are stopping you from moving forward.”

Linda Barrowclough

Operations Director, Innova Solutions Ltd

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