IMI Precision Engineering in Manchester invested in their Team Leaders’ personal development with a Leadership Training Programme to strengthen the leadership skills within the team. The company recognised the talent and further potential of this already strong team and Gillian Wright of GWC designed a series of group training sessions and individual coaching sessions delivered over an 8 weeks period.

IMI Precision Engineering Team

Left to right: Dianne Jarvis, Catherine Boswell, Paul Burton (General Manager), Allan Boardman, Rachel Conneely

Paul Burton, General Manager, IMI Manchester said: “The training that Gillian provided has been fantastic and perfectly suited the needs of the team. Having worked with Gillian before, I was confident that the combination of course content and Gillian’s wealth of experience would help develop the emerging talent within our business. The mixture of classroom based learning, practical tasks and individuals reporting back to the group on their experiences worked really well. I can already see examples of the team using the training in their day to day life and I am very pleased with the results that Gillian has delivered.”

Gillian Wright of GWC commented “What a great group of people to work with…. so open and responsive to the training and coaching. They applied the practical concepts within their own teams in between group sessions and there is already evidence of leaders who are more results orientated, better organised and capable of a style of leadership and performance management that engages team members to produce desired results.”